Cotton harvest campaign starts in Turkmenistan

Cotton harvest campaign has started in Ahal, Lebap and Mary Velayats. Taking into account soil and climate conditions, the harvest of cotton in Dashoguz Velayat is to start on September 16.

~~Cotton harvest campaign has started in Ahal, Lebap and Mary Velayats. Taking into account soil and climate conditions, the harvest of cotton in Dashoguz Velayat is to start on September 16.
Cotton production is one of the leading branches of agricultural complex of Turkmenistan, which provides significant contribution to realization of national programmes in import substitution sphere and increment f export potential of the country.
Competiveness of agrarian sector is growing due to comprehensive changes in this sphere, important aspects of which are the creation of modern production and service infrastructure of agriculture, improvement of land farming culture and wide introduction of advanced technologies. At the same time, work in the field of scientific selection, production of new species of cotton, which are distinguished by early ripeness, high production and quality of fibre, is carried out.
Significant investments are allocated for the renewal of technical fleet of agricultural complex. For these purposes, the government regularly procures agricultural equipment from the leading world manufacturers.
It is worth mentioning that provision of equipment, seeding materials, mineral fertilizers, irrigation water and other services to the farmers are on beneficial terms. In addition, procurement prices for medium and fine fibre cotton as well as the seeds of high productive species of cotton are systematically increased. The payment for the cotton delivered to the state are settled quickly through the branches of Dayhan Bank. At the same time, the cotton growers have the opportunity to sell the fibre, lint and gin motes received from industrial processing of raw cotton delivered beyond the order including to foreign countries. All of these serve to the improvement of the interest of agricultural producers in the result of their work.
Cotton and textile clusters involving entire technological train from the production of raw cotton and its processing to yarn, fabrics and ready-made textile and knitted garment manufacturing are formed up in the regions. Meeting international quality standards, this production is on high demand in local and foreign markets.
It is planned to produce 1,050, 000 tons of cotton including 207,000 tons in Ahal, 230,000 tons in Dashoguz, 300,000 tons in Lebap and 313,000 tons in Mary Velayats. Total area of lands allocated for cotton is 545,000 hectares. Medium and fine fibre species of cotton like Yoloten 7, Dashoguz 120, Serdar, C – 4727, Yoloten 39, Yoloten 14, Jeyhun, C – 2606 and other were sown in the spring.
High level of mechanization and automation of certain technology processes is distinguishing feature of current campaign. 1,076 cotton harvesters, which is 2.5 times more than in the last year, will be involved in this year campaign. 2,260 of transport vehicles, 2, 162 tractors and 3,325 tractor trailers for transportation of raw cotton will be taken to the fields.
156 reception facilities and 38 cotton ginning plants have been prepared to receive new yield of cotton. Specialists of the State Turkmen Standard Service will provide thorough inspection of the quality of received production in the laboratories of the reception facilities.

The level of mechanization of cotton harvesting in Turkmenistan has reached high levels

Over 2,000 cotton harvesting machines are used on the cotton fields of the Turkmenistan.
In the future, Turkmenistan plans to shift to a 100 percent machine assembly of the cotton crop. The increase in the number of cotton harvesting equipment will allow Turkmenistan to achieve this goal.
It should be noted that cotton is not only the main raw material for the textile industry of the republic, but it remains an important export product. Raw materials are supplied to China, Russia, Great Britain, South Korea, Turkey, Iran, Indonesia, Singapore, Ukraine and the Baltic countries.
In the current year, cotton pickers of american and uzbek production, as well as Belarusian four-wheeled tractors MTZ with trucks, thousands of trucks, tractors and trailers will be used.
Turkmenistan, in order to completely exclude manual labor in the harvesting of cotton, purchased only 700 units of cotton harvesting equipment in 2018: 500 units of MX-1.8 uzbek combines and 200 combines of John Deere 9970.
According to experts, each John Deere harvester can harvest cotton from 5,000 hectares within 8 moto/hours. And Uzbek machinery for the same period collects 2,500 hectares of cotton.
Currently, more than 2000 combines are in working order, which will be able to collect over 400,000 hectares of cotton per month.
In 2018 agricultural producers of the state plan to collect 1 million 50 thousand tons of "white gold".